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Trevor's Favorite Things

Favorite Games:
  1. Chrono Cross (PSX)
  2. Terranigma (SNES PAL)
  3. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 (FES Version, PS2)
  4. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (PS2)
  5. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PSX)

Favorite Systems:
  1. Playstation 2
  2. Playstation 1
  3. Super Nintendo
  4. GameCube
  5. Nintendo 64

Favorite Diet Sodas:
  1. Dr. Pepper
  2. Orange Crush
  3. Mountain Dew Voltage
  4. Mug Root Beer
  5. Vanilla Cherry Pepsi

Trevor Brossman is the younger brother of the owner of Complete in Box. While Spenser has the ambition and ideas, Trevor’s job is troll just about everything done so the end result leads to nothing getting done, ever. The ever persistent creator of bad ideas, he makes the owner mad at least fifteen times a day.

Trevor adds a sense of humor to business, at least when FedEx gets addresses wrong and SPENSAR ANGRY. But that seems to happen when anything happens, even when completely positive results appear. Despite not having any sort of work ethic, Trevor strives to get a little work done so he doesn’t get ruthlessly killed by the owner. He tries to calm the raging fury Spenser experiences when everything doesn’t go absolutely right, but that is a hard feat to accomplish.

Whether enjoying a match of Shaq Fu or playing Sonic the Hedgehog (of course the 360/PS3 2006 version), Trevor heavily enjoys games of top quality. Other notable titles include White Men Can’t Jump, Crush Hour, and Superman 64. Games such as Terranigma and Chrono Cross are games Trevor just doesn’t enjoy. Of every ability, move, and attack in any video game, Trevor’s favorite is the topspin attack of Mega Man III.

As for his family, being a Brossman can be hard for Trevor at times. Coming from a family of all German blonde, pale-skinned, and nearly identical siblings, Trevor can sometimes have odd expectations put on him. Being the extreme extrovert of his brother, he is often labeled as ‘little Spense’ with little time to make himself seem different from all the other Brossmans. Trevor may not be an introvert at heart, but you could say he doesn’t like people much…

Trevor’s dream for Complete in Box is to make an environment of constant stupid memes so anyone working there will quit in under a week. Having the pleasure of playing ‘Mansion Basement’ from Resident Evil Director’s Cut Dualshock Edition endlessly on repeat throughout the entire store is the overall ambition for Trevor working at CiB.

But whatever anyone else says in their bio, I have achieved Super Saiyan 4 by taming the giant ape inside of me. I am the strongest, and will eventually absorb all seven Dragon Balls into me while sleeping on Shenron’s back. That is all.

Complete in Box