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News and Trade-In Policies




---Complete in Box will be expanding our
store once again!---

Watch the video below for all the details, and as always,
thank you to all our great customers! You're the reason
we're able to grow, and bring our best to Ephrata and
Lancaster county!


Thank you to everyone who has made the last 6
years of business a fantastic time! Here's to many more!

-----Expansion Progress-----

We're making progress with the expansion! Check the pictures of some of the current
progress - we're nowhere near done, so expect many more changes soon!



We've been expanding our selection of video game-related art!
We have pieces for any size room, ranging from
11''x 16'' all the way to huge 24'' x 36'' canvas! 

Looking for something really unique? Check out our 3D Shadow Boxes - they change at different angles!

Check out our posters, as well! We have many different unique video game and comic book related ones - and we
change them out frequently!


Did you know that Complete in Box also carries booster packs for Pokemon and

Magic: The Gathering cards? That's right! We also get new packs in as new sets are released!

We even sell card-related accessories such as binders and card sleeves!

NOTE: We do NOT sell or take trades for single cards.


Complete in Box carries official Pokemon products! Check in frequently,

as we get new figures, plushies, and collectibles all the time!




We also take trade-ins of comic books and manga! 

PLEASE EMAIL US AT This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or message us at so we can
discuss comic trade-in policies before you bring comics in. Thank you!


Schedule: Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat. Call ahead of time to make sure we are able to look at your comics that day. Thanks!

WE DO COMIC SUBSCRIPTIONS! Get your box today at NO extra charge!

Stop in today to talk about setting up a subscription!


We also buy certain action figures and memorabilia, still sealed in their original packaging. Please call or message
ahead of time - there are only certain types of items that we are interested in - thanks! 

Complete in Box buys, sells, and trades all video games, systems, and accessories!

If you have anything, from as old as Atari to any current-day
games, feel free to bring them in for either store credit or some cash!

Each item has an individual value, so either stop in or give us
a call to find out trade-in values. Trade-in values may change daily.

Retro games are a love and passion of ours! If you ever find an old box of games in your attic,
stumble upon some games at a yard sale, bring them in! We can put credit towards anything,
even brand new games!

Complete in Box Videos

Check out the rest of our Youtube videos at our channel:

We have Let's Play videos, videos about the store, and 
opinion pieces, all in one place!

CiB YouTube


Our first commercial! Check it out today - and you may see it
on your television screen soon! 


A Complete in Box Public Service Announcement...
somewhere out there, there is a game that -needs- you. 




Our Ever-Expanding Store!

Have you stopped in and seen us y et?

We now feature over 8,000 comic books, a manga section, 11
arcade games,  an expanded game section featuring thousands
of new games, an expanded lounge area, and even video game related

With our NEW expansion (est. date - January, 2018), we'll be bringing
you even MORE goodies - games, comics, figures - more of what you love!

If you haven't stopped in yet, what are you waiting for? We promise
these pictures don't do it justice!



Whether it is retro or new video games, systems, comic books,
action figures, blu ray movies, or  just any video game swag
you're looking to get, we'd love to be your first stop.

Even if you aren't in our area, feel free to contact us. We have no problem shipping out stuff,  and we truly appreciate our
customers that contact us and drive to us from afar. Thanks again, everyone!


                                                        WE WANT TO HELP!!

We love donating video games and our services! If you know any churches, schools, youth groups, etc, that could use some games, always feel free to e-mail us! We already helped out the Ephrata hospital! They say:

“Patients in the Pediatrics Department at Ephrata Community Hospital have enjoyed the games and game equipment donated by Complete in Box. We appreciate the support of this local business and their gift helps us make our patients’ time here a little easier.”

Joanne Eshelman, Director of Community Relations, Ephrata Community Hospital

Complete in Box is proud to have donated or helped raise over
$5,000 to charity in the last few years! Let's keep going strong with
great causes like Relay For Life: Misfits on a Mission! 

Relay for Life
Misfits on a Mission's Facebook link:

CiB Clothing Line!

Want to wear CiB wherever you go? We have the stuff for you!

We just recently added a few new pieces of swag that
you can take home today! 

Black T-shirts are size S-2XL, $15
Hats fit most heads, Velcro strip to change size, $15
Tank tops pink and blue, size XS-2XL, $15
Hoodies are black, size M-2XL, $30

All pieces of clothing are great quality, and according
to one eyewitness account, the sweaters are 'soft like a kitten'.

Stop in today! You can look JUST as dashing as our models!





Complete in Box